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Our professional Italian Interpreters / Italian Conference Interpreters have obtained the appropriate qualifications and they have solid relevant experience (they are experienced in business interpreting). They abide by professional standards of ethics, conduct and practice and they are acquainted with the latest technologies in the field.



MARTINA | Why Choose Me?

You will work directly with an Italian Conference and Public Service Interpreter who is a qualified linguist. My Master Degree in Translation and Interpreting at the University of Westminster helped me further improve my experience in translation services and to foster my understanding of the role of linguists as cultural bridges.

About me

I am a professional Italian Interpreter / Italian Conference Interpreter and Public Service Interpreter holding a Bachelor Degree in Linguistic Mediation and a Master Degree in Translation and Interpreting. I am also an ITI member providing Spanish and Italian interpreting services between Italian, Spanish and English. My MA further enabled me to fine-tune accuracy and working knowledge of translation between English and Romanian.
As a result of my studies in Translation and Interpreting, I have become a critical and reflective practitioner who always aspires to provide services to the highest standards.

I offer a passionate and dedicated professional work ethic to any role I take on, ensuring that all required tasks are completed to the highest possible standards.

I only take on projects and assignments if I know I can complete them accurately and appropriately.

My Education as Italian Interpreter and Italian Conference Interpreter

MA Translation and Interpreting, University of Westminster, London, qualified Italian Conference Interpreter
Major Modules: English to Italian and Italian to English, Institutional Translation, English to Italian and Italian to English Conference Interpreting (Simultaneous, Consecutive and Whispered modes), Public Service Interpreting, Romanian to English Institutional and Technical Translation, SDL Trados Studio and Wordfast workshops, and MA Translation Project.

BA in Linguistic Mediation, Università Carlo Bo – Bologna, Italy
Major Modules: English to Italian and Italian to English, Spanish to Italian and Italian to Spanish Consecutive, Liaison and Whispered Interpreting, English to Italian and Italian to English, Spanish to Italian and Italian to Spanish Institutional and Technical Translation, Spanish to Italian and Italian to Spanish Simultaneous Interpreting, English History and Literature, Spanish History and Literature, Italian Literature. BA Thesis, score: 110/110.

SDL Trados Certification
UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES) – advanced Romanian course
British council – Bologna, Italy.
• IELTS – C1 Level
University of Almeria, Spain
• One-month intensive course in Interpreting studies (Spanish-Italian)
Cervantes Institute – Bologna, Italy
• Spanish language Diploma – B2 Level

Services I offer as Italian Interpreter and Italian Conference Interpreter

Italian Conference Interpreting / Italian Consecutive Interpreting / Italian Simultaneous Interpreting / Italian Liaison Interpreting / Italian Public Service Interpreting  
Italian Translation Services / Proofreading
Italian Telephone Interpreting, Chouchoutage Interpreting

Italian Interpreter and Translation fields I specialise in

Medical, Business, Legal
Institutional Italian Translation, Technical Translation

Portfolio: Some of the clients I worked with.

Ad hoc glossaries on medical, business and legal terminology.

Reviews about my Italian Interpreter and Italian Conference Interpreter services

Reviews on my Italian Conference interpreting services are available on requestAvailable on request

SOFIA | Why Choose Me?

Languages have always been my passion and my academic career has constantly been focused on translation. I started learning foreign languages when I was 6 and my interest in this field led me to a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Inter-linguistic Communication and a Master’s Degree in Conference Interpreting at the faculty of Trieste. I had the chance to be trained by passionate and expert professors and to develop specific techniques, applied in several sectors. I find this job stimulating and exciting and the best aspect is that you’ll never stop learning and improving.

About me

I started working while studying at university, accepting all the interesting jobs I was offered. Some of them were not directly  linked to my academic career, but yet challenging: thanks to them I’ve improved the way I organise tasks and I manage bureaucracy. Meanwhile, I’ve worked as an Italian interpreter and a translator in different fields: business, medicine, economics, fashion, tourism, e-commerce, legal. I’ve been taught that every single word is crucial while translating and I’ve been trained to be fast and precise, trying to transpose every shade of a language into the target one. I’m ready to agree every detail with my clients and I accept criticism and suggestion to improve my experience.
I believe in respect and punctuality, which are the perfect ground for a fruitful collaboration. Honesty is another value I deeply observe, since transparent conversations on good results and possible problems are the key for success in every aspect of life. Moreover, I truly believe in this job, so I’ve always tried to respect rates and professionalism, not only for me but for all my colleagues. This field is not easy and I believe every professional should contribute to improve it with respect and fair competitiveness.

My Education as Italian Interpreter and Italian Conference Interpreter

High school: (European School – Foreign Languages) – English, French, German
Bachelor’s Degree – Superior School for Interpreters and Translators – University of Trieste: written and liaison translation, from and into English, French and Russian.
Dissertation: I analysed two newspapers (New York Times and Pravda) in 1980 and 2013 to analyse the power of some terms linked to the rivalry between USA and Russia during the Cold War and today. I used concordance software and then observed and described the results.

Master’s Degree: Superior School for Interpreters and Translators – University of Trieste: consecutive and simultaneous interpreting on different subjects, qualified Italian Conference Italian
Dissertation: I analysed the role of an interpreter involved in the service given to victims of gender violence, investigating the specific problems of the sector and the difficulties linked to Italy, concerning this field

I attended a seminar focused on legal interpreting organised by the University of Trieste. I attended several conferences and meetings to be informed.
In general I always read a lot and listen to conferences and seminars on different topics.

Services I offer as Italian Interpreter and Italian Conference Interpreter

Italian Conference Interpreter: It’s my first specialisation. I’ve worked for example as an interpreter in the medical field, during a conference on Mental Health in Italian health system, during a conference about the relationship between Iran and Europe, during a meeting about bank investment throughout Europe…

Italian Legal interpreting: I’ve been collaborating with a notary public to translate papers and be present during meetings with clients and providing interpreting service on site

Italian Translation services: I’ve been working as a freelancer in different fields (fashion, medicine, e-commerce, wine, tourism…)
Italian Business translation services: I’ve worked in fairs and showrooms, being in contact with clients coming from all over the world, translating the characteristics of the products, the specific details, the costs etc.
Police translation: I’ve worked collaborating with the police to listen to wiretapping and transcribe it

Italian Interpreter and Translation fields I specialise in

Legal: collaboration with a notary public (chuchotage, consecutive)
Business: (liaison interpreting, chuchotage)
Medical: consecutive
Legal (contracts, papers)
Fashion (weekly online articles on latest trends)
Medical (dissertations, abstracts on medical researches)
Business, promotion (e-mails, papers in the commercial fields)
Wine sector and tourism

Portfolio: Some of the clients I worked with.

Reviews on my Italian Interpreting and Translation services are available on request

Professional Affiliations To Translator and Interpreting bodies

  • Milega Translation
  • Porte Italia Interiors
  • Private clients
  • Bollicine di Stile srl