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Thank you you so much for taking the hassle out of booking Italian Interpreters for our conference in Rome. I have found your staff professional, flexible and competent! Please pass on my thanks to all you team. Tiberius, Hotel 55 London Ealing

Italian Conference Interpreter | Italian Interpreter Services

Our team of qualified Italian Translators, Italian Conference Interpreters / Italian Interpreters are experienced in EU matters, pharmaceuticals, international law, trade unions and labour relations as well as fashion and IT. They are also trained to provide long consecutive with notes, whispered interpreting and simultaneous interpreting (in a booth).



gladys jeannette georges : Italian Translator, Italian Interpreter and Italian Conference Interpreter offering Italian Conference Interpreting and Italian Translation ServicesGLADYS JEANNETTE | Why Choose Me?

I am a recent graduate in Conference Interpreting, with a background in Translation and Localisation.
I am an Italian native speaker, fluent in English, French and Russian.
I am also a member of the ITI and I have recently published an article in the ITI Bulletin.

About me

I am a skilled Italian Conference Interpreter, Italian Translator, Italian Interpreter and Localisation Expert, with training as a Voice Over Artist.
My passions are communication, languages and cultures, as well as travelling and reading.
I am completely fluent in Italian and English, with an excellent French and Russian, and received high distinctions in all my language courses. I am also currently improving my Arabic skills and soon plan to add this language to my combination. I am extremely hard-working, responsible and flexible, I enjoy working in a team as well as autonomously.
My professional values are: integrity and confidentiality, as well as impartiality and neutrality. In my professional and personal life I try my best to be true to my principles, to be honest and to offer the best language service I can.

In interpreting being impartial and neutral can often mean that I interpret something I do not believe in, however, as an Italian Interpreter / Italian Translator / Italian Conference Interpreter, I lend my voice to the speaker. Therefore, I will never be influenced to share my opinion when interpreting.
Confidentiality is also a key value in all my work assignments, both oral and written, preventing me from sharing any information related to my work.

My Education as Italian Translator, Italian Interpreter and Italian Conference Interpreter

2015/2016: Advanced Conference Interpreting: London Metropolitan University, further developed my skills and knowledge as an Italian Conference Interpreter / Italian Interpreter
Deepened knowledge of international institutions and their working practices: UN ∙ WHO ∙ ILO ∙ NATO ∙ UNESCO ∙ UNICEF ∙ IMF ∙ World Bank ∙ EU ∙ Finance ∙ EBRD ∙ Human Trafficking ∙ Migration ∙ ISIS

2014/2015: MA Conference Interpreting: London Metropolitan University, hence I am a qualified Italian Conference Interpreter and Italian Translator
Dissertation: The Role of Feedback in Enhancing Trainee Interpreters’ Problem Solving Ability, Distinction
Gained practical experience of: Italian Conference Interpreting ∙ Italian Simultaneous Interpreting ∙ Italian Consecutive Interpreting ∙ Chuchotage ∙ Note-taking ∙ Public Speaking ∙ Event Organising ∙ Terminological Research ∙ Teamwork ∙ Mock Conferences on: EWCs (European Work Councils) ∙ EU ∙ UN ∙ IT ∙ Ageing ∙ Environment ∙ Gender Studies ∙ Human Rights ∙ Migration ∙ Business ∙ Marketing

2010/2014: BA Discipline della Mediazione Linguistica (Liaison Interpreting and Translation): Universitá degli Studi di Macerata, Italy, 110/110 1st Class Honours, Qualified Italian Translator and Italian Interpreter
Liaison Interpreting ∙ Translation ∙ Localisation ∙ Transcreation ∙ Advertising ∙ Marketing ∙ Proofreading ∙ International Economic Policies ∙ Comparative and Private International Law ∙ Applied Linguistics

2013: Study Experience Saint Petersburg State University
Deepened knowledge of Russian language and culture and gained practical experience in teaching Italian as a lecturer

Heart Health: A Beginner’s Guide to Cardiovascular Disease MOOC ∙ University of Reading ∙ 2016

Maritime Law: a complex context for interpreting ∙ London Metropolitan University ∙ 11.02.2016

Interpreting in Human Rights ∙ London Metropolitan University ∙ 12.11.2016

Georges, G. J. (2016) ‘The Feedback Loop’, ITI Bulletin, Jan-Feb 2016, pp. 20-21

Services I offer as Italian translator, Italian Interpreter and Italian Conference Interpreter

– Italian Conference interpreting
– Italian Interpreter & Italian Conference Interpreter services (Liaison)
– Italian Interpreter & Italian Conference Interpreter services (Consecutive)
• Italian Translation services
• Italian Translation Services: Transcreation
•Italian Translation Services: Localisation
•Italian Translation Services: Proofreading
• Language Teaching and Tutoring
• Event Organisation
• Cultural Mediation
• Voice Over
All my services are listed in the “services you offer” tab.

Italian Interpreter and Translation fields I specialise in

My previous assignments as Italian Interpreter, Italian Translator and Italian Conference Interpreter have been quite varied: from children’s rights (Children as Actors for Transforming Society, 2016) to politics (Addressing Europe’s Unfinished Business, 2015).
I have an interest in medical conferences, which is why I am deepening my knowledge of the medical field.
However, I have worked as Italian Interpreter, Italian Conference Interpreter and Italian Translator in Finance, Insurance and IT, as well as the video games industry; therefore these are my main fields.
I have also worked as an Italian Interpreter,Italian Conference Interpreter and Italian Translator (Italian to English) in Italy, in the mechanical field.
Various assignments as an Italian translator, in different fields.
Some experience with legal and technical translations from Russian, French and English.

I have an interest in medicine, which is why I am deepening my knowledge of the medical field.
However, I have worked in Finance, Insurance and IT, as well as the video games industry and mechanics; therefore these are my main fields.


Portfolio: Some of the clients I worked with.

Russian to English translation – Science
Source text – Russian
Удалённость современного человека от живой природы приводит к тому, что мы живём в искусственном мире и имеем искусственное здоровье, поддерживаемое экологически нечистыми продуктами питания и химическими лекарственными препаратами, часто вызывающими побочные эффекты. Ароматерапия предлагает экологически чистый метод, направленный на восстановление энергетического равновесия в организме. Все эфирные масла обладают широким спектром лечебных свойств и применяются для профилактики и предупреждения многих заболеваний и недугов и, прежде всего, для иммунитета. Ароматерапия может помочь избавиться от широкого спектра аномалий, кожных проблем, облегчить боли, нормализовать психическое состояние, вывести токсины из организма. Натруальные эфирные масла – настоящие целительные силы для нас. Они влияют непосредственно на центральную нервную систему, снимая депрессию, уныние и стрессы.

Translation – English
The remoteness of the modern man from nature leads to the fact that we live in an artificial world and we have an artificial health, maintained with ecologically impure foods and chemical drugs, which often cause side effects. Aromatherapy uses an eco-friendly method, aimed at restoring the energetic balance in the organism. All essential oils have a wide range of therapeutic properties and they are used for prophylaxis and prevention of several illnesses and ailments and, primarily for immunity. Aromatherapy can help get rid of an ample range of anomalies, skin problems, to ease pain, normalize a psychological condition and take toxins out of the organism. Natural essential oils are authentic healing substances for us. They directly influence the central nervous system, removing depression, sadness and stress.

Russian to Italian translation – Science
Source text – Russian
Великая ценность эфирных масел в их 100% природной натуральности, отсутствии каких-либо вредных побочных эффектов при использовании, а также их колоссальной силе. Однако, Ароматерапия – не панацея от всех бед и не имеет параллелей с медицинским лечением. сли вы серьёзно больны, обратитесь к своему врачу! Но не следует забывать, что «Предотвратить лучше, чем лечить», и эта аксиома больше всего подходит к такому понятию, как Ароматерапия.

Translation – Italian
Il grande valore degli oli essenziali si ritrova nella loro composizione 100% naturale, nell’assenza di qualsiasi effetto collaterale nocivo dopo la loro assunzione e anche nella loro strabiliante forza. Tuttavia, l’Aromaterapia non è una panacea per tutti i mali e non ha paralleli con le cure farmaceutiche. Se siete seriamente malati, rivolgetevi al vostro medico! Ma non si deve dimenticare che “prevenire è meglio che curare” e questo assioma è più che adatto al concetto di Aromaterapia.

Italian to English translation: Transport
Source text – Italian
Tallinn sembrerebbe un caso a sé rispetto ad altre città, dal momento che i mezzi pubblici erano già meno cari che altrove, e in generale gli utenti erano più numerosi. La gratuità dei trasporti ha soltanto fermato il continuo calo del numero degli utenti. D’altro canto, vi potrebbero essere anche altre motivazioni. All’inizio di quest’anno il professor Dago Antov dell’Università Tecnologica di Tallinn aveva identificato su Postimees tre fattori che influenzano le decisioni dei passeggeri: tempi di percorrenza, costo dei biglietti e “qualità” del trasporto (es. se l’autobus o il tram sono troppo affollati, la tipologia degli altri passeggeri, la cortesia del conducente e così via).

Translation – English
Tallinn would seem to be a different case from the other cities, since public transport was already cheaper than elsewhere and, in general, passengers were more numerous. Free transport has only stopped the on-going fall in passenger numbers. Nevertheless, there may be other reasons. Early this year, Professor Dago Antov from Tallinn University of Technology, has found on the newspaper Postimees three factors, which influence passengers’ decision making: travel time, ticket price and ‘quality’ of transport (e.g. if the bus or the tram are too crowded, the type of passengers, the politeness of the driver, etc.)

Professional Affiliations

Member of the ITI


An Italian professional qualified as an Italian Interpreter, Italian Conference Interpreter and Italian Translator. She offers Italian Translation Services and Italian Conference Interpreting ServicesARIANNA | Why Choose Me?

My interpreting and translation job in two words? High-quality service.
High-quality because I am a qualified, professional Italian linguist. Interpreting and translating is much more than just words, which is why resorting to a real professional is essential to ensure a faithful, accurate and adequate rendition.
A service because customer care is an essential part of our job. The clients’ needs are my priority and I always aim at combining a professional conduct with flexibility and a customised offer for every client.
Being a specialised professional also allows me to give advice to my clients on their projects, to make sure I can guarantee the best result possible. I care about every client and project, and the assignments I complete are not just the next item on a list. I will follow your projects from beginning to end, trying to timely tackle any issues which may arise and to prevent them from becoming problems.

About me

I am a young and dynamic Italian Conference interpreter and translator. Being a very qualified professional is one of my main objectives, which is why I have completed my education with three Master’s Degrees in Conference Interpreting and Translation and became qualified Italian Conference Interpreter. I also am a determined and dedicated person. I am deeply committed to constantly improve my skills and performances through continuous learning and thanks to my peers and clients’ suggestions.

To me, my job is not “just a job”: I am very passionate about it and I believe there is much more to interpreting and translating than just transposing or repeating words. In fact, the highly specialised skills, the self-control and the extensive, manifold knowledge needed to perform an interpretation are what makes this job so hard. But they are also what makes this job so special.

I am committed to offer services as Italian Conference Interpreter, Italian Translator and Italian Interpreter complying with the standards set by UK and international interpreting associations. I always try to improve the quality of my services and performances, also keeping into account the clients’ suggestions and requests. I am flexible and willing to customise my offer to meet each client’s needs whenever possible.
Given the sensitive nature of some of the materials interpreters work with, I also value discretion and confidentiality and I do not disclose any information acquired during my assignments. All written documents and information potentially needed in advance to prepare an assignment will be treated as confidential and will not be passed on to third parties.
As an Italian Translator, Italian Interpreter and Italian Conference Interpreter  I am also aware of the importance of punctuality and I always respect deadlines.
Being a professional means knowing one’s own strengths and limits, thus I never accept projects I am not sure I can carry out according to professional standards.

My Education as Italian Translator, Italian Interpreter and Italian Conference Interpreter

London Metropolitan University 2015 – 2016, qualified Italian Conference Interpreter & Italian Interpreter
Research project: the knowledge and use of the simultaneous consecutive interpreting mode in the interpreting professional field and the users’ attitude towards this mode

Distinction mark
DG SCIC (Directorate General for interpretation of the European Commission) 2014 – 2015 , with final exams assessed by staff interpreters of the DG Interpretation and the Head of the Italian Unit of the DG Interpretation. Hence I am also a qualified Italian Interpreter and Italian Conference Interpreter specialising on European matters

110 cum laude / 110
University of Trieste 2013 – 2015
Research project: audio transcription, translation of the script and captioning of the 1942 Spanish movie Raza, written by the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco. The movie has a significant cultural value and historic heritage and was chosen to exemplify the cultural and linguistic barriers translators often have to tackle, especially with audiovisual material. I am a qualified Italian Translator.

Ca’ Foscari University of Venice 2010 – 2013
Including exams on International Law and Economics and a dissertation project on Art and Painting in Translation

Harvard University and Ca’ Foscari University 06/2012 – 08/2012

Greek course: advanced level with professor of Greek at University of Trieste, 2016
German course: beginner level – 2016

Interpreting for the Police: not for the fainthearted – London Metropolitan University, June 2016
When Interpreters meet Psychologists – London Metropolitan University, October 2016

Catering college in Italy – 2014 including theoretical lessons, practical classes and an enology course

Services I offer as Italian Translator, Italian Interpreter and Italian Conference Interpreter

Italian Conference Interpreting services: Italian conference interpreter, as the name says, is normally used in conferences to give linguistic support to the participants who need it. The rate is normally calculated per full day or per half day and varies according to the type and difficulty of the assignment. It should be kept in mind than the rates for interpreting also include the “off-stage” work, which is to say the extensive preparation carried out before an assignment.
There are several types of conference interpreting:
– Simultaneous Italian Interpreting Services: the interpretation is performed in real time while the speaker delivers his speech. The Italian interpreters work from an equipped soundproof booth: they listen to the speaker through their headset and start interpreting with just a few seconds of delay. The delegates in need of linguistic support can tune in to the selected language channel and listen to the interpreters through their headphones.
Simultaneous interpreting is a highly-specialised activity which requires a wide range of skills besides the mere linguistic knowledge. Such skills span from knowledge of the specific interpreting techniques to background knowledge of the topic, fast thinking, self-control and ability to remain concentrated under pressure.
For these reasons, it is fundamental to only resort to real, qualified professionals with a specific training. Furthermore, given the efforts required to perform a simultaneous interpretation, for a full day of interpretation two interpreters are normally required.

– Chuchotage (whispered Italian interpreting services): suitable when the interpretation is required by only few delegates (usually up to 3). The Italian Interpreter normally sits or stands behind the delegates and performs a real-time interpretation, whispering directly into the delegate’s ear.
Whispered interpreting can be used instead of consecutive interpreting to save time, but it has some limitations, such as the fact that the interpreter cannot work in a soundproof booth.

– Tour-guide system: useful for guided tours, visits, active workshops and situations in which the participants tend to move. The interpreter performs a real time interpretation speaking into a transmitter and the delegates can listen to the interpretation through their headphones.
The advantage for the interpreter is the possibility of speaking at a normal volume, since whispering requires a much greater effort.

– Consecutive Italian Interpreting Services: the interpretation is performed after the speaker has delivered part of his speech (usually up to 10 minutes). The Italian Interpreter takes notes and then reproduces the speech after the speaker has finished. Consecutive interpreting should be used only when all the participants require an interpretation in the same language (monolingual audience).
Consecutive interpreting is normally cheaper than simultaneous interpreting because less equipment is required. However, it should be noted that consecutive interpreting too is a highly-specialised process and only adequate training and practice can allow interpreters to perform a consecutive interpretation. Consecutive interpreting courses are normally taught in Master’s degree courses and to mastered this technique the development of a specific notation system and memory strategies is necessary.

– Liaison Italian Interpreting Services: similar to consecutive interpreting. The main difference is that the interpreter is required to interpret both from and into the languages involved, because they have to ensure the communication flow between two parties (e.g. an Italian and an English firm representatives discussing the details of an agreement). No equipment is required, but previous information about the participants and the details of the meeting is fundamental for the interpreter to deliver a high-quality service.

Business Italian interpreting Services: the Italian Interpreter is needed in business and less formal meetings to accompany a delegation or to facilitate the communication between two parties.

Italian Translation Services: written Italian Translation of texts of any kind – books, research papers, manuals, advertisements, etc. The rate is normally calculated per word and it varies according to: language combination, nature and difficulty of the text, deadline, use of the translated text.

Italian Translation Services: Editing and proofreading: final processes carried out to further ensure the quality of a translation. When editing a text, the editor has to check the use of terminology and normally communicates their suggestions to the translator, who can discuss the modifications and adjust the text.
Proofreading is the final step, in which the grammar, syntax and spelling are checked.

Italian Translation Services: Subtitling and closed captions: translation and timing of subtitles for audiovisual products (movies, videos, video games, etc.). The text is normally translated first and then divided into subtitles (if the division is not already present in the source text). Finally, the subtitles are timed according to the audio track. The rate normally depends on the amount of work required: if only the translation is needed the rate will be lower, whereas it will be higher if the audio transcription or the timing are required.
Closed captions, instead, are similar to normal subtitles but they provide further support to the deaf and hard of hearing public. Closed captions normally include information on the speaker, the music and sounds effects. The process is the same as subtitling, but it obviously requires more time since every sound effect has to be subtitled.

Italian Interpreter and Translation fields I specialise in

Italian Interpreter, Italian Conference Interpreter and Italian Translator in the Social development and equality, human rights field (six interpreting full days for CATS conference in Switzerland on the rights of the child and sustainable development), Italian Interpreter , Italian Conference Interpreter and Italian Translator in the Food&beverage sector(including wine), energy and climate – knowledge and terminology acquired during the Harvard Summer School workshops and during 2 short internships at the European Commission and Council, art, science&IT
Italian Interpreter, Italian Conference Interpreter and Italian Translator in fields as Fashion, Food&beverage (including wine) – experience acquired with almost two years of regular collaborations with an Italian startup promoting Italian clothing and food products; cinema (translation and subtitling for the Trieste Latin American Film Festival), energy and climate; art, science and IT (proofreading of computer science Master’s dissertations for postgraduate students at ETH Zurich; translation of high school project on astronomy organised by the University of Padua); Economics (translation of financial documents for Banca del Veneziano, an Italian bank)

Portfolio: Some of the clients I worked with.

CATS Conference – Caux Initiatives of Change (Switzerland) 25/07/2016 – 01/08/2016
Simultaneous, consecutive and whispered interpreting (EN, FR, ES > IT) for a conference on children’s rights and sustainable development. A very demanding conference (six full days of work) which, on the other hand, allowed my to gain significant experience in different interpreting modes and topics.

D-System and Bollicine di stile (fashion start-up)
Regular Italian Translation Services of ads and texts concerning: fashion industry, food&beverage, wine.

Italian Translation Services of documents concerning bank services and financial products for Banca di Credito Cooperativo del Veneziano (an Italian bank).

Proofreading of Master’s thesis for postgraduate students at ETH Zurich

Trieste Latin-American Film Festival
Italian Translation Services of the script (ES > IT) and subtitling of the movie Calakmul.

Professional Affiliations

Candidate member of Assointerpreti


CARMEN | Why Choose Me?

I am organised and detail-oriented as well as motivated and dependable even under pressure. These qualities enable me to work effectively on my own as well as in team.
I constantly have a hunger to learn. Neither language barriers nor unknown topics are setbacks to me. Indeed they represent challenges to face till I reach my goal: conveying the message properly and effectively.

About me

Making effective communication happen is the aspiration that shaped my personality, my educational path and my career as an Italian Interpreter, Italian Conference Interpreter and Italian Translator. I am an extroverted 24-year-old Italian girl who is ready to work accurately and responsibly to get the meaning across. Thanks to my strong educational background as Italian Interpreter and Italian Translator, I am able to do this from Italian into English and vice versa, from Italian into German and vice versa and from French into Italian.

My Education as Italian Translator, Italian Interpreter and Italian Conference Interpreter

BA in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation, hence I am a qualified Italian Translator
Università degli Studi di Napoli “L’Orientale”, Naples, Italy
dissertation in Lexicology and Lexicography, title: “Understanding the Lexicon: Financial Terms between Morphology and Syntax”= morphological and syntactic comparison between English and Italian financial terms

MA in Conference Interpreting and Translation, qualified Italian Conference Interpreter, Italian Interpreter and Italian Translator
Università degli Studi Internazionali di Roma, Rome, Italy
dissertation in Simultaneous English to Italian Interpreting, title: “Offensive Political Speeches in Simultaneous Interpreting: Linguistic, Translative and Teaching Aspects” = analysis of English to Italian simultaneous performances of offensive political speeches by interpreting students and professional interpreters

Webinars and seminars held by European School of Translation (Rome), i.e. webinar about MateCat and “Web Content Engineering” seminar
2005-2010: Foreign Languages High School “P.E. Imbriani”, AVellino, Italy

Services I offer as Italian Translator, Italian Interpreter and Italian Conference Interpreter

– Italian Conference interpreting services
– Italian Interpreting Services (Liaison)
– Italian Interpreting Services (Consecutive)
– Italian Translation Services of documents and websites using CAT tools, i.e. SDL Trados Studio (2011, 2014, 2015) and MemoQ 2015
Hostess-Italian Interpreter for exhibitions and events

Italian Interpreter and Translation fields I specialise in

Italian Interpreter, Italian Conference Interpreter and Italian Translator in the Medical sector

Italian Interpreter, Italian Conference Interpreter and Italian Translator in the Business sector

Italian Interpreter, Italian Conference Interpreter and Italian Translator in the  Tourism sector

Italian Interpreter, Italian Conference Interpreter and Italian Translator in the Fashion sector

Italian Interpreter, Italian Conference Interpreter and Italian Translator in the Art sector

Italian Translation Services in the Automotive Industry

Italian Translation Services in the IT industry

Italian Translation Services in the Fashion industry

Italian Translation Services in the Art industry

Italian Translation Services in the Medical industry

Italian Translation Services in the Marketing industry


Portfolio: Some of the clients I worked with.

Reviews on my Italian Interpreting and Italian Translation services are available on request


Why choosing my Italian Interpreter and Italian Translator Services

Freelance interpretation experience
Interpretation EN >< IT SPAZIO INDACO 14-16/11/2014
Interpretation: consecutive and chuchotage.
Conference: three-day class.
Guests: Alfred Austermann, author of the book “The Surviving Twin Syndrome”.

Freelance Italian Translation Services samples:

Partial Italian Translation Services of website FR-IT CARLA-BIKINI.COM
30,000 words. Italian Translation Services of  Marketing, product descriptions, meta-titles and meta-descriptions.
Italian Translation Services of chemistry articles UNIVERSITA’ DEGLI STUDI DI FIRENZE
Italian Translation Services of scientific articles (chemistry) written in English prior to publication in the University journal.

Italian Translation Services of website EN-IT CAPACITYFORCONSERVATION.ORG
Pro-bono translation of the website capacityforconservation.org (not published yet).

Work experience

Linguistic support for university students attending an online language course.

May-July/2015: Linguistic mediator LILLE 3000 + PAVILLON FRANCE EXPO 2015, Milan
Welcoming visitors and giving a specialised tour
in IT, EN, FR, DE, ES of the art exhibition Textifood.

March-July/2014: Internship VETERINARY TRANSLATION AGENCY, Barcelona
Revision and quality check of veterinary texts;
Translation memories and glossaries;
Preparation of projects (preproduction);

March-July/2013: Internship TRANSLATION AGENCY, Dresden
Italian Translation Services, revision, and quality check;

Education and international experience

2014- 2016: European Master’s in Interpreting ENGLISH, FRENCH
Fondazione scuole civiche, Milano/ I.T.I.R.I. Strasbourg
Simultaneous, consecutive interpreting and sightItalian Translation Services.

2012-2014: European Master’s in Translation ENGLISH, GERMAN, SPANISH
Université de Lorraine, Metz
General and specialised translation.

2008- 2012: Bachelor of Arts, International FRENCH, GERMAN
National University of Ireland, Galway
Literature, history and translation classes.

2010-2011: Erasmus year FRENCH, GERMAN
Otto-Friedrich Universität, Bamberg
Literature, culture and translation classes.

– Italian: Mother tongue
– English: C2
– French: C2
– German: C1
– Spanish: B1
– Chinese: A1

CAT Tools

SDL Trados Studio 2009, 2011, 2014
SDL Multiterm
Subtitle Workshop


Read More about my Italian Interpreter / Italian Translator Services

POSITION : Italian Translator
WORK EXPERIENCE 07/2013–Italian Translation Services
“Mobile Gaming Experience and Co-Design for Kids: Learn German With Mr. Hut” European Conference on E-Learning – (ECEL), Prague (Czech Republic) Publication and presentation of the research project “Learn German with Mr. Hut”.
A. Marengo, A. Pagano, L. Ladisa – “Mobile Gaming Experience and Co-Design for Kids: Learn German With Mr. Hut”. Proceedings of European Conference on E-Learning – Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic – 27-28 October 2016 – ISSN: 2048-8637 – ISBN: 978-1-911218-18-0
14/09/2016 The “Learn German with Mr. Hut” project GameOn’ 2016 Conference, Lisbona (Portugal) Publication and presentation of the project “Learn German with Mr. Hut” at the University Nova of Lisbon during the 17th International Conference on intelligent games and simulation. A. Marengo, A. Pagano, L. Ladisa – Game-Based Learning in Mobile Technology – Proceedings of 17th International Conference on Intelligent Games and Simulation, 13-15 September 2016 – Lisbon – ISBN/EAN: 978-9077381-94-6
09/12/2014–09/03/2015 Stage Specialist Translator Puglia Promozione – Regional Department for Tourism and Culture, Bari (Italy) -Italian Translation Services of the official website from Italian to German; – Proof-reading of translated texts; – Proof-reading of the source texts;
09/2012–12/2013 StageTravel Agent Gemina S.r.l. of Biga Antonella, Bari (Italy) – Customer care; – Holidays package; – Sell and management of the packages; – Promotion of the agency.
6/11/16 © European Union, 2002-2015 | http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu Page 1 / 11
Curriculum vitae Lucia Ladisa
09/2012 Hostess congressuale Claudia ScarpariViale Monte Santo, 1/3, 20124 Milano (Italy) – Receptionist; – Welcome visitors; – Monitor and management of the Conference. Business or sector Marketing and Special Projects
2009–2011 Event Hostess C.C.L. Centro Consulenza Linguistica, Modugno, Bari (Italy) – Receptionist; – Welcome visitors coming from all over the world; – Conference assistence.
EDUCATION AND TRAINING 09/2013–17/02/2016 Master’s Degree in Specialist Translation University Aldo Moro of Bari, Bari (Italy), qualified freelance provider of Italian Translation Services
10/2008–17/07/2013 Bachelor’s Degree in Languages and Modern Cultures in Tourism Department of Foreign Languages, Bari (Italy), specialised in providing Italian Translation Services
09/2003–07/2008 High School Diploma – Business consultant proficient in foreign languages State commercial and technical institute “Domenico Romanazzi”, Bari (Italy)
Mother tongue(s) Italian
Other language(s) UNDERSTANDING SPEAKING WRITING Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production English C1 C1 C1 C1 C1 LCCI- London Chamber of Commerce and Industry -B2 LCCI-London Chamber of Commerce and Industry- Written English Level 2 Greenwich School Of English, ISIS Education & Travel- Greenwich- Londra. Attestato corso Level B2 Written English for Tourism – Level 2 Related document(s): IMG_0141.JPG, IMG_0142.JPG, IMG_0143.JPG, IMG_0145.JPG, IMG_0147.JPG French C2 C2 C2 C2 C2 Attestation de Réussite DELF B1 Related document(s): IMG_0146.JPG German C1 C1 C1 C1 C1 Goethe Zertifikat B2 Related document(s): IMG_0148.JPG Arabic A2 A2 A2 A2 A2 Levels: A1 and A2: Basic user – B1 and B2: Independent user – C1 and C2: Proficient user Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
6/11/16 © European Union, 2002-2015 | http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu Page 2 / 11
Curriculum vitae Lucia Ladisa
Communication skills – Good communication skills gained through my experience as Event Hostess; – Good International communication skills gained through my experince as Translator; – Excellent Teamwork skills gained thanks to all my professional experiences.
Organisational / managerial skills – good organisational skills in managing projects and coordinating activities and events gained through my experience as Specialist Translator. The experience as Event Hostess contributed to develop faster my managerial skills, expecially in international contexts.
Job-related skills – language skills in French, German and English; – good communication and translation skills; – good skills in applying innovative educational methodologies and in researching new strategies concerning the apprenticeship of foreign languages; – skills in e-learning, game-based learning and mobile learning.
Digital competence SELF-ASSESSMENT
Information processing Communication Content creation Safety Problem solving
Proficient user Proficient user Independent user Proficient user Proficient user
Digital competences – Self-assessment grid ECEL Diploma since 2008.
Advanced IT skills in: – Office; -Database (Access); – HTML and XML; – CAT Tools (OmegaT, WordFast, MemoQ, Trados)


My Services as Italian Translator, Italian Interpreter and Italian Translator

Graduated in Foreign Languages (English and Spanish) and specialised inItalian Translation Services, I am motivated and responsible, professional and careful in every kind of situation. I am able to work in different contexts and I would like to start a challenging job in order to practice the languages I have studied and to improve my knowledge.


Teaching of English, Spanish and Italian Language
Italian Translation Services from English to Italian and vice-versa
Italian Translation Services from Spanish to Italian
Strong background in translating scripts
Web content editor (articles in English or in Italian)
Excellent organization
Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Italian mothertongue
English: degree, Ielts Academic (Score 7), Trinity (Level 9, Score A), C1
Spanish: degree, C1
Swedish: exams at University, A2

Work Experience:

FreelanceItalian Translation Services
From Italian to English and vice-versa.Italian Translation Services from Italian to Spanish and vice-versa.
(2012 to present)

Web content editor
Articles above all about fashion and travels, in English and in Italian.
(2012 to present)

Private Lessons
English, Spanish and Italian language. Grammar, conversations, lexicon, reading, writing.
(2012 to present)

English Teacher at Francesco d’Assisi high school and at Ungaretti elementary school in Rome.
English Summer Courses for adults and Summer Camps for children
(June/July 2016)

English Teacher at Fontanile Anagnino secondary school and Elsa Morante secondary school in Rome
Afternoon Courses, Trinity Preparation
(Febraury- May 2016)

Italian Translation Services at La Luna Classic Srl, Rome
Italian Translation Services of scripts, from Italian to English and from English to Italian: Sex Wrestling and Money Game
Italian Translation Services of legal texts
(June 2015-April 2016)

Italian teacher at Luca Ghini secondary school and at Ungaretti elementary school in Rome
Italian courses for foreign children from 5 to 15 years old to improve their Italian skills from grammar to lexicon, from speaking to reading, writing and listening. Collaboration with Passaparola Italia Association in Rome.
(October 2015-May 2016)

English teacher at Ungaretti elementary school and San Benedetto secondary school in Rome
Afternoon courses for children and for adults. Collaboration with Passaparola Italia.
(October 2015-December 2016)

Italian Translation Services at Edizioni Croce, Rome
Italian Translations of literature texts
(October 2015)

English teacher at Galileo Galilei high school, Rome
Summer courses
(June-July 2015)

Italian teacher at Marconi elementary school, Rome
Italian courses for foreign children from 5 to 10 years old to improve their Italian skills from grammar to lexicon, from speaking to reading, writing and listening.
(April-May 2015)

Internship at Soundart23, Rome
Translator of scripts (This is Opera documentary from Spanish to Italian), assistant dubbing (The Salvation film and This is Opera), assistant producer (Erminio Binto short film), secretary.
(May-July 2015)

Web content Management at CSN Group Inc, Toronto Canada
I was in charge of translating the website news

Italian Translation Services at RomeMun event, Rome
Translator in meeting from Spanish to English and viceversa.
(March 2013)

Web Site editor for avrilbandaids.it, Italy
I was in charge of translating the news for the website and of writing articles in different languages.


Ditals II
Expected Febraury 2017
Ditals Level II certifies and advanced competence in teaching Italian to foreigners.

Ielts Academic Cambridge Certification
(June 2016)

Masters Degree in Translation with final mark of 110/110, achieved at La Sapienza University, Rome, Italy.
Core knowledge of the Degree is in translation techniques in different fields in English and in Spanish language. I had the opportunity to practice in different context and to study a further language and culture: Swedish (Level A1)
Thesis: translations of essays about the problem of the translation of the GaySpeak from English into Italian taking into account different films and tv series.
(October 2012-March 2015)

Bachelor Degree in Foreign Literature and Languages, with final mark 110/110 with honors, achieved at Salerno University, Fisciano, Italy.
Core knowledge of the Degree is in English and Spanish languages and literature with knowledge of Italian language, Semiotic, Linguistic and Cinematography.
Thesis: analysis of the visionary language of the major films of Tim Burton.

Computer Skills:

Power Point
Movie Maker

Artistic skills and competences:
I am passionate about fashion, travels and photography. I like writing about my trips and experiences. This is my own blog about travels http://gracetrips.wordpress.com
I studied music, piano, classical and electric guitar for 6 years.
I played basketball for 5 years.


Read more about my experience as Italian Conference Interpreter, Italian Interpreter and Italian Translator


June 2016 IELTS (International Language Test System), at the University of Manchester (UK)

2015 Master Degree in Specialized Translation (technical-scientific) at the
University of Bari “Aldo Moro”(Languages of work/study: English
and German

January-February 2015 Training period at the Universitäts- und Landesbibliotek Bonn, regional and university library, Germany

2014-2015 Erasmus student at the Rheinische Friedrich- Wilhelms Universität
Bonn with focus on:
-Italian Translation Services from German into Italian (and vice versa) of technical and literary texts
– German literature and cultural studies
– Corpus linguistics
Course of German language at the Bonn University (Level: C1)

2013 Bachelor Degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures at the
University of Bari “Aldo Moro” with an emphasis on intercultural
mediation (languages of study: German, Russian and English)

March-July 2013 Course of German language at Inlingua Sprachcenter Fulda,
Rabanusstrasse 40-42, Fulda 36037
Intensive language course (level B1): oral and written skills i.e. grammar, syntax, vocabulary, conversation
Language certificate of German: Telc, level B1


9 September 2015 “Tradurre: strumenti, consigli e idee per lavorare come traduttori professionisti” held by Sara Colombo sponsored by Proz.com


Member of “TRANSLATORS4CHILDREN” (http://www.translators4children.com/it/) as voluntary freelance translator of medical texts

Research work carried out for my master’s dissertation.
Title: “The last days of Lehman Brothers. Interpreting and translating economics in films”.
Aim of the work: analyzing the specialized language of economics within non specialized genres, i.e. movies by means of an empirical analysis of the British television movie “The last days of Lehman Brothers”. Terminological research on the language of economics and of the global financial crisis.
(Abstract of the research can be provided if required)


Italian : mother tongue
English : fluent
German : fluent


English > Italian
German > Italian

– Medical, pharmaceutical
– Legal
– Economics
– Marketing

– August 2016: Personal Tutor at Wall Street English, Corso Buoenos Aires 79, 24124 Milan (MI)
-Italian Translation Services into English of the illustrated calendar “Tuttiisanti14” designed by the illustrator and designer Fortuna Todisco (https://www.facebook.com/fortunatodisco.it?fref=ts)
-Italian Translation Services: Permanent collaboration with the translation agency Translated.net
– Collaboration for the Italian Translation Services from English into Italian of various research articles:
“The digital economy: what is new and what is not” Elsevier, 2004
Samples of IARC Monograph
Samples of Natural process of ground water and surface-water interaction
– Legal Italian Translation Services from English into Italian: contracts, legal agreements and plans of merger, arbitration awards
– Collaboration for the localization into Italian of the Australian website doorsteporganics.com.au, retail of organic food
-Italian Translation Services from German into Italian of the postcard collection “HTS-GT Primetea-Karten”
-Italian Translation Services of European Patents
– Permanent collaboration with the translation agency Globalvoices.co.uk, providing freelance Italian Translation Services for them


Windows Vista, Office.


OmegaT, Matecat
Good command of Wordfast, Fortis, Trados

  • Samples of my previous works can be provided if require


My experience as Italian Conference Interpreter, Italian Interpreter and Italian Translator

A highly professional and interpersonal relations person with over 14 years of experience. An excellent communicator; trained and experienced intercultural mediator and Italian translator/Italian interpreter. I have since been working as a professional intercultural mediator in diverse institutes. High competence in human relations and management of people. Able to pass on knowledge and skills to others. Have been a trainer on the field on several occasions.

• Maintains high standard of professional conduct
• Bilingual: very fluent in English and Italian languages, both oral and written.
• Able to build good relationships at all levels with a positive and flexible approach
• Able to promote and maintain good staff morale because I am very good at encouraging and motivating colleagues and other members of staff by personal example and rapport.
• Passionate about whatever I do.
• Able to solve problems, have initiative, and open to continuous improvement and learning

– Organisational and managerial skills: Hostel management: Experienced in management of housing system for protected victims of domestic and sexual violence, immigrants on social/cultural insertion programs. Responsible for Projects coordination and management: implementing, sustaining, monitoring and regularly evaluating the agreed goals, ensuring that the clients/resident and other parties concerned are fully involved in the process
– Public Relations: Creating communication links and promoting relations with the public.
– Analysis and evaluation skills: competence in situations analysis; evaluation of actions needed in using opportunities to respond to arising needs and situations; aassessment of individual needs within the framework of individual personal plans, initiating appropriate action plans to this end; Quick on finding resolution situations as need arises.
– Risk awareness and management: quick at identifying risks connected to a situation, whilst using innovative approaches to resolve them, carefully taking into consideration the consequences of each decision. Work proactively with team to active set and desired objectives.
– Cultural Mediation and counselling: Intercultural Mediator and Counsellor for victims of trafficking, domestic violence, patients with serious and terminal pathologies. Encourage and support the patients/clients under my responsibility to become integrated members of the local community by making full use of all local services.
– Research and update: constantly researching and updating on the development and changes in the field.

2013 –Present
Role: Intercultural and Linguistics Mediation (Interpersonal Relations Personnel)
Duties: First hand reception, data taking and filing of new patients or clients, file up date of old, habitual and new patients. Cultural and cross-cultural mediation between clients and other operators, particularly in specialized hospitals, social welfare offices, school etc. Assessment and evaluation of individual patient need within the framework of personal therapy. Giving of information on territorial services available to patients/clients, as well as accompanying them as occasion requires to same services. Communication facilitator between users, clients and operators as this role also includes the role of an interpreter and translator.
Employer: Cooperativa S.D.S, SRL. Via case. Nitti 45/A, 74123, Taranto

2002 – 2013
Role: Intercultural and Linguistics Mediation (Interpersonal Relations Personnel)
Duties: Mediation and accompaniment of patients and clients to various territorial services, linguistic and cultural mediation and counselling with social welfare services, in hospitals and schools. Assisting in communication facilitation between foreigners/users or clients and operators. My duties also included interpreting, and translation of documents when required.
Employer: Cooperativa Senza Frontiere. Corso Brescia 14, 10153 Turin.

2002 – 2010
Role: Intercultural and Linguistics Mediation/Manage (Interpersonal Relations Personnel)
Duties: Management and coordination of housing programs for victims of trafficking and domestic violence. Projecting, organizing and managing language and other professional training courses for users to aid their insertion into the labour market, and for social re-insertion. Handled and managed social and cultural conflicts that may arise within the shelter houses and between residents; mediate linguistic and cultural differences leading to conflicts; responsible for other collaborators and members of staff involved in the day to day running of the shelter; office management – assessment and recruitment process of new collaborators; translation of documents when required.
Employer: Associazione IROKO ONLUS, Via Ceva 40 10149, Turin.

2001 – 2016
Role: Sworn professional Translator and interpreter
Duties: Italian Translation Services of juridical and legal documents; technical evaluation of appropriate and correct translation of documents carried out by other translators; interpreter: both simultaneous and of recorded materials (English to Italian; Italian to English)
Employer: Ministry of Justice, C.so Vittorio Emanuele 130, 10100 Torino.

2007 – 2011
Role: English Language Teacher
Duties: Teaching English to professionals and high school students: from zero to advanced level in English language; students being mostly workers and students wanting to learn the English language; improve on their knowledge – both for professional and other purposes.
Employer: Wall Street Institute, C.so Gallileo Ferarris 2, 10100 Torino.

2002 – 2009
Role: Intercultural and Linguistics Mediation (Interpersonal Relations Personnel)
Duties: Mediation and accompaniment of users to various territorial services, linguistic and cultural mediation and counselling with social welfare services, in prisons and schools. Assisting in communication facilitation between foreigners/users or clients and operators. Acting as the social bridge between prisoners, prison operators and authorities and external operators.
Employer: Associazione Almaterra. Via Noberto Rosa 12, 10155 Turin.

2002 – 2006
Role: Intercultural and Linguistics Mediation
Duties: -cultural and linguistic mediation, assisting both the prisons authorities and prisoners in communication facilitation, organization of socio-reinsertion programs along side with prison authorities and external collaborators like volunteers. Initiator of new activities for re-habilitation of prisoners on exit from the prison.
Employer: Ministry of Justice, Casa Circondiarle di Torino (Prison Autorities) Via Pianezza 300, 10100 Turin.

1988 – 1990
Role: Secretary/ Radio operator
Duties: -Secretariat duties and radio communication operator for the agricultural sector
Employer: National Directorate For Employment. Benin City (Nigeria)

1987 – 1988
Role: Receptionist/Secretary
Duties: Receive calls, organize the dairy of the lawyer, ensure that the office area is kept in order, general organisation and management of the office as a secretary
Employer: Efe Igbe and Associates. (Legal Chambers) 70, Sakponba Road Benin – City (Nigeria)

Other professional experiences included:
2016: Speaker and Trainer at a Training Seminar for Nurses and Medical Personnel by FORMAT Trentino Italia
2011: Trainer in practical approach to girls in prostitution organised in February; Main Speaker and Trainer at a National Seminar on “Mediazione Culturale: Ruolo ed Importanza” organised in September, by ACOS, Sardegna
2006/2008: Part of the organising committee e trainer in USAID financed Training Course on “Trafficking and best practice” for Judicial and Social Workers from Croatia organised by Associazione IROKO Onlus in Turin
2006: Speaker Trainer at a conference on Trafficking and Prostitution e organised by ACOS of Sassari in Sardegna, Italy
December 2008: Guest Speaker at the International Conference on female Mutilation in Leon, Spain
2006 – date: Sworn private freelance interpreter and translator; private English lesson teacher
2004: Guest speaker/trainer at the International conference “RETE DI PARITA’ PER UNA NUOVA VITA” organised by Associazione IROKO ONLUS of Turin on” CULTURAL MEDIATION and the Nigerian Culture”

o University of Ibadan Nigeria: B.A Hons. (2.1)
o CSEA Professional Training institute, Turin: Regional Certificate for “Intercultural Mediation Professional training” – Grade: Excellent
o Engim Professional Training Institute, Turin: Regional Certificate for “ Introduction to Programming – PHP system” – Grade: Very Good
o Consorzio SINAPSI Training Institute, Turin: “FEMALE ENTERPRENEURSHIP FOR FOREIGN WOMEN” General Regional Certificate – Grade: Excellent
o Associazione Almaterra and IROKO Onlus: Professional Training for Hostel Management – Grade: Excellent
o Amongst others

English Language: Oral and written – excellent
Italian Language: Oral and written – excellent

Reading and spending time in my Christian activities and with family.

Excellent references available on request


Experience as Italian Translator / Italian Interpreter / Italian Conference Interpreter

I am Marta, a graduate in Translation and Interpreting from the Università degli Studi Internazionali in Rome. During my career I was focused to acquire deep and comprehensive knowledge in foreign languages, interpreting and Italian Translation Services/localization.
Thanks to my university career and the courses I attended, I have got familiar with the processes the translation and localisation techniques.
I posses a working level of English and Spanish, in addition to my mother tongue Italian. I have also been studying Portuguese for more than 2 years and now I have restarted to study French. In order to get familiar with the languages and the cultures I have been at the University of Birmingham in UK and in Madrid attending in both cases a translation and interpretation internship.
In spite of I have recently graduated I have already started working as a freelance interpreter and translator, and I have had good working experiences, such as with the public Spanish television RTVE or at the Ministry of Justice in Rome.
I currently live in Italy, but I am willing to relocate abroad obviously.
I honestly believe that I am highly motivated for the challenge to be your Italian translator and/or Italian interpreter, and I am eager to put in the practice all the knowledge gained at the University and during my experiences.



Graduated from University of Cagliari (Italy) with a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistic Mediation and from University of Westminster (London) with a Master’s in Translation and Interpreting. Interpreting experience in both academic and commercial settings. Used to meeting deadlines, having to prioritise workload and work well under time pressure. Accuracy in translation, interpreting skills, fluency in switching from one language to another, confidentiality. My interest in languages has given me the incentive to develop a career in translation and interpreting.

09/15- 10/16. MA Translation and Interpreting, University of Westminster, London.
Major Modules: Main Language Institutional Translation, Second Language Institutional Translation, Public Service Interpreting, ITEN Conference Interpreting (simultaneous, consecutive and sight), CAT tools, Advanced English for Interpreters, MA Interpreting project.

04/14- 01/15. English course, Truro and Penwith College, Newquay, UK.
Major Modules: English Grammar and Culture.

09/10- 02/14. BA Linguistic Mediation, University of Cagliari, Italy.
Major Modules: English, Spanish and French Grammar, ES>IT Translation and Interpreting, EN>IT Translation and Interpreting, English and Spanish Literature, Modern History, Italian Linguistics, Sardinian Linguistics, Translation History.

09/12- 07/13. LLP Erasmus, Linguistic Mediation, University of Córdoba, Spain.
Major Modules: ES>EN Translation, ES>EN Interpreting, English Literature, Spanish Linguistics, Translation History, English Grammar.

09/05- 06/10. Secondary education, Tourism Operator, ITCS P. Martini, Cagliari, Italy.
Major Modules: Italian, English, Spanish and French Grammar, Italian Literature, History,
Geography, Chemistry, Tourism Economy, Tourism Law.

09/16- Present. Interpreter, Language Line Solutions, London. ENIT, ENES.
• Public service interpreter in health and social services. Also providing Italian Translation Services.

09/16- Present. Interpreter, Silent Sounds, London. ENIT.
• Public service interpreter in health services. Also providing Italian Translation Services.

07/16- Present. Interpreter and Translator, Global Voices, London. ENIT, ENES.
• Interpreter and translator in commercial settings. Also providing Italian Translation Services.

06/16- Present. Exam Invigilator and TA, Protocol Education and TeacherActive, London.
• Assist teachers and students in class. Organise lessons and materials.
• Responsible for venues set ups before examinations, supervision of students during examinations.

04/16- Present. Volunteer Interpreter, Manor Garden Advocacy Project, London. ENIT, ENES
• Public Service Interpreter in health services. Interpret for Italian and Spanish speakers in medical, social services and police settings. Also providing Italian Translation Services.

11/12- 01/13 Translator, Fernando Lopera. ES>IT.
•Italian Translation Services a web site in the field of tourism.
• Gained the ability to work accurately.

02/12- 07/12 Translator, International Host and Tour Guide, Prohairesis Cultural Association, Cagliari, Italy. IT>EN.
• Translated a web site in the field of literature. Hosted international guests and led excursions.

08/09- 09/09 Translator and Travel agent, Agenzia di viaggi Cosmorama, Cagliari, Italy. EN>IT.
• Dealt with customers in Front Office.
• Organised holiday packages in Back Office.
• Translated tourism leaflets and holidays packages.

06/2007- 2008- 2009- 2010 Tour Guide, Monumenti Aperti, Cagliari and Samatzai, Italy.
• Occasional tour guide. Organised and lead excursions.
• Made arrangements for catering, transport and accommodation.
• Translated and Interpreted for foreign tourists.

02/15- 09/15 Waitress, Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa ****, Newquay, UK.
• Worked as part of a team to create atmosphere of friendliness, willingness to help with any enquiries, tried to find solutions to all kind of needs and requests.
• Customer care.
• Operated cash register.
• Maintained restaurant and kitchen clean and neatly organized.

04/14- 10/14 Au pair, Adam Treadwell – Shirley Treadwell, Newquay, UK.
• Looked after a little girl (7 years old).
• Drop off/ pick up from school. Babysitting and housework.
• Help with homework and run Italian lessons.

• Italian native speaker
• Sardinian native speaker
• English: advanced. C1 (Cambridge certificate in Advanced English)
• Spanish: advanced
• CAT tools (knowledge of Trados and Multiterm)
• City & Hackney Safeguarding Children Board Training Course
• Safeguarding Adults Awareness Training Course
• Forced Marriage and Learning Disabilities Training
• Good IT skills
• Excellent communication skills (verbal and written)
• Planning and organising
• Team/individual working
• Updated British and Italian DBS check
• Driving license

References available on request.



I am a freelance Interpreter/Translator, language pair: Italian/English, offering a service to companies in London.

I have studied DPI (Diploma in Police Interpreting) and I am proud to hold a Certification in Consecutive Interpreting and a Certification in Written Technical Transaltion.

I am currently working for Pearl Linguistics and Netsurf Media, where I am responsible for interpreting either face-to-face and on the phone and for translating emails and documents of any sort.

I also offer Business and General Italian tuition.